Born from a real belief in CBD after positive personal experiences, CBD Performance is a premium brand of easy-to-use, 100% natural & vegan friendly CBD supplements.

Founded by Simon Church and Russell Short after a ‘lightbulb’ moment discussing why there was such a stigma around CBD and why it wasn't more regularly used.

Through CBD Performance's unique product offering, it is now more convenient than ever for more regular use in the health, fitness & sports industry as well as general use.

On a mission to help as many people globally by providing the finest quality and trusted CBD supplements, you can trust in our passion & expertise!

Simon Church CBD Performance


We strive to give you the knowledge & best nutritional supplements that go above & beyond providing more than just CBD...

A clear vision, plenty of determination with innovation at the core of all we do, everything CBD Performance does as a brand is driven by our three part mission:

✓ To deliver premium, innovative, industry-leading wellness products to our valued customers using only 100% natural ingredients

✓ To share our passion for CBD supplements through education and leading by example with quality in all we do.

✓ Constant improvement every day by pursuing perfection in our supply, natural ingredients and providing full transparency from seed to shelf.

Over the last decade, knowledge and use of CBD has grown exponentially. Continually emerging scientific research suggests that CBD can have positive neurological effects on people's physiological and psychological state. Thoughts of what CBD can do for you include; reducing systemic inflammation, managing your pain while protecting your neurological system, aiding your sleep cycle, managing anxiety and your general mental health, and additionally, CBD is thought to aid in minimising your recovery time. An impressive repertoire!

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