CBD Performance Launches in Selfridges

CBD Performance Launches in Selfridges

The world of CBD has been moving at an incredible pace and to ensure that customers receive the very best products then CBD Performance has been leading the way. We have a commitment to our customers and that means that they have access to the very best products on the market and that is something that we always strive to offer online but we haven’t stopped here.

Our company has been gaining traction in recent months because of the high-quality products that we offer and that has meant that we are getting noticed by some of the leading retailers in the UK, such as Selfridges.

This has meant that from this Month, we are launching in Selfridges, giving even more people the chance to access our products. Sure, we will still be selling our products online but now you can head to Selfridges and find them there too.

Why Selfridges Have Chosen to Work With Us?

We are now one of the first CBD brands to be launched in Selfridges flagship London store. We believe that this is testament to the way in which we have evolved and grown to the point where we now offer our customers a leading service. However, there is more.

Selfridges London CBD

The world of CBD products is one that requires finesse, expertise and an understanding of what real quality means and that’s where we differ. We are experts in all aspects of CBD and that’s because we sell products that are designed for everyone, including athletes. What this means is that you can find products that are safe, fully-tested and fully-certified, giving you confidence in everything that we offer. This then resulted in Selfridges recognising who we are and what we do and so, we are now offering our products in their flagship store.

We Believe Everyone Should Benefit from CBD

The reality is that we do what we do because we believe that everyone should have access to products that could impact their lives and health in a unique way. We have a wide range of products that will be readily available at Selfridges but also online with us too, so nothing has changed there.

We offer CBD oils, Protein Powder, Night Spray Oils, Muscle Gel and we have a pro series that is specifically designed for athletes. All of these products are made using the very highest grade materials and our expertise because we understand what really matters. As more and more research is carried out, we believe that CBD products are going to become increasingly popular. We have partnered up with Selfridges because we believe in putting CBD on the map and where better to do that than one of the most widely-recognised and well-established retailers in the UK? 

Customers will be able to select from an amazing array of products that they can benefit from instantly. We believe that this move into Selfridges will only help us to grow our brand and offer our customers even more.