5 Tips For Buying CBD | Fitness & Performance

5 Tips For Buying CBD | Fitness & Performance

CBD is really gathering some momentum when it comes to performance and sport. With more people turning to this amazing natural ingredient, it’s clearly offering a range of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to sport.

So, CBD comes from the hemp plant but it doesn’t contain the psychoactive ingredient and so, all users receive are the natural and safe benefits.

In the UK, it is legal to sell CBD and so, CBD Performance is helping people to explore the potential benefits that it has to offer. What this means is that all of the information provided is certified and trusted, which means that you can put your trust in the wide range of products on offer.

The Law on CBD in the UK

All CBD products that have been made using hemp plants can be sold in the UK, which means that it is legal to sell, buy and consume. The one stipulation is that the oil that comes from the hemp plant does contain less than 0.2% THC. It has been legal since 2018 and has started to become popular with those who are looking to perform at their best. Furthermore, since March 31 2021, any business selling CBD must have also applied for and obtained a Novel Foods Licence application from the Foods Standards Agency. This ensures that all of the products sold meet the required standards of quality. At CBD Performance, we embraced this change as it proves further that the products we sell are of a high standard.

So, with this in mind, follow these 5 tips and you’ll get more from the CBD products that you choose.

Tip 1 -  Use CBD at the Right Time if You Play Sport Regularly

Sport can take a lot out of your body which means that it’s important to prepare and recover correctly. CBD has many uses but if you choose to use it before you train or perform, then you can use our CBD Energise Oil, which comes with natural caffeine that can give you the boost you need to perform better.

Of course, it’s important to recover correctly after training or playing. So, CBD Protein Powder and our CBD Regain Oil are perfect for giving your body exactly what it needs while helping to aid your recovery.

Performing well during training and playing can leave you with aches and pains in muscles and joints, so our CBD Muscle Gel can be used as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Tip 2 - Take Your CBD Products At the Right Time

When it comes to playing sport, giving your body the right CBD products at the right time is crucial. First of all, you need to make sure that you are rested which means that you can use CBD night spray to help ease you into a relaxing sleep. You should also make sure that you are hydrated adequately but you can boost your performance when taken before you train or play.

Ensuring you give your body the right CBD products at the right time will ensure your body is ready to perform.

Tip 3 - Use the Right Quantity

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to give your body more than it needs and the same can be said for CBD. Using CBD correctly comes down to personal preference in some instances and although you should remain with the safety guidelines, you need to understand what works for you. If you are looking to enhance rest and get better sleep then it can benefit you by trying a minimum dose and then slowly increasing the dosage until you get the desired effect.

Tip 4 - Make Sure You’re Using a Genuine CBD Product

As with anything in life, there are always people out there who are attempting to sell counterfeit goods or products that are not what they say they are. Therefore, when it comes to CBD products, you should make sure that the products are certified and regulated and come from a regulated company such as CBD performance.

Many people are worried that CBD products will get them high but when the product is legitimate and safe this will not be the case. All products that contain CBD should have less than 0.2% THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, which means that it is safe to use before, during and after sport.

Tip 5 - Choose the Right Product

Just because a product contains CBD it doesn’t mean that it will solve the problem you are looking to solve. As an example, if you are looking to rest and improve sleep to help aid sports performance, a sports gel with CBD won’t help with that. What this means is that you should choose products that are specifically designed to help you with your goals.

So, if you are looking to build muscle and benefit from CBD then protein powder will help while the night spray oils will help with sleep. If you have aching muscles and joints, then Muscle Gel with CBD will help to ease pain and inflammation. What this means is that it is important to pick the right product from the start, especially if you want to reach your sport and fitness goals. What’s more, you might also be looking for products that are vegan and natural and that is something that you will get with CBD Performance.

CBD Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether you are looking to speed up recovery, grow muscle and become stronger or you want to ensure that your body is adequately rested, then CBD could help. It is becoming more widely known through research that CBD can help with a range of goals, whether it’s health and wellbeing or sports and fitness. It’s also available in a variety of products, which means that there is something for everyone out there.