CBD Performance partner with Anytime Fitness

CBD Performance partner with Anytime Fitness

We are very proud and excited to share a partnership that has been in the works for the last few months with UK health and fitness giant, Anytime Fitness.

Anytime Fitness are one of the UK’s leading Gym operators, with over 170 clubs across the UK and Ireland. Outside of the UK they are one of the world’s largest health chains with over 4,500 clubs in 33 countries! It’s safe to we are honoured to be partnered up with such a rapidly expanding brand here in the UK.

Anytimes ethos of ‘let’s make healthy happen’ and their focus on individuals taking control of their health and wellbeing makes CBD Performance an ideal fit. Even more so in the sense that Anytime Fitness stress being ‘more than a gym’ offering their members support and advice on not just exercise, but their overall wellbeing from diet to mental health support. Naturally, CBD products can be a hugely beneficial addition to this overall health and fitness ethos.

In a 2021 blog by Anytime Fitness, on exploring the benefits of CBD in fitness they quoted:

 “CBD is becoming hugely popular, and a lot of people are trying it out for a multitude of reasons. They want to see what CBD can do for them. What does CBD feel like, what is the best way to use CBD oil, or what are CBD oil effects? These products can affect everyone differently and potentially have different benefits, depending on how it is used and the individual”.

We at CBD Performance believe we can help Anytime Fitness users unlock the natural benefits of CBD in a multitude of areas:

Aiding fitness recovery

Studies have shown CBD to have many anti-inflammatory benefits, which could help aid anything from muscle soreness to arthritis pain. This is ideal for those with a busy, active fitness lifestyle that want to maintain regular exercise without those aches and pains that can often interrupt progress and routine. 

Supporting healthier, more quality sleep

Often overlooked when it comes to exercise, healthy sleep plays a crucial part in achieving fitness goals. Getting the right amount of sleep allows your muscles to rest and recover faster. Not only that but the quality of sleep matters hugely. Many of our customers say using our CBD Night Spray Oils have helped them fall asleep quicker, have longer un-interrupted sleep and have allowed them to feel more energised and well-rested in the morning. 

Boosting Fitness & Performance

Our products are of the highest quality, 100% natural and are endorsed by athletes and sports professionals. Our Pro Series range are a range of products designed for people who are regularly tested for sport or work. Containing only pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids, athletes and others who are tested for work can be fully confident that products from our Pro Series are fully compliant.

We cannot wait for Anytime Fitness users to try out and benefit from our CBD products. We looking for to supporting Anytime members through their fantastic wellbeing hub and we’re excited for what the future holds in this partnership.

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