CBD and Golf - What You Need To Know

CBD and Golf - What You Need To Know

There is no denying that CBD is becoming more and more popular as the months roll by. In fact, more sports people are turning to CBD because of the potential benefits that it offers. However, what many people don’t realise is that CBD is now being embraced by professional golfers and amateur golfers and there are many reasons for this.

Why Are Golfers Now Turning To CBD?

CBD has been known to bring with it many different benefits that could help golfers to get more from their game while aiding their recovery. However, what has happened in recent years is that there has been a complete shift in the mindset of professional golfers and the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Organisation.

This has meant that CBD is not considered to be a prohibited substance. Even though it derives from the cannabis plant, CBD is considered safe and does not cause the same effects as cannabis, as that is caused by THC. Therefore, the anti-doping organisation ensures that an emphasis is placed on the illegality of THC. This is why it is crucial to ensure that the CBD products you purchase are fully legal. All of the products offered at Performance CBD are THC and that is one of the reasons why American Golf has decided to partner up with Performance CBD.

It has become clear that the use of CBD among professional golfers is growing and this has been clarified by the Executive Director of the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Program, Andy Levinson. In addition to this, many people are still unaware that CBD is completely separate from cannabis and THC, but his department has continued to see an increase in inquiries surrounding the legality of using it on the PGA Tour.

Why Are Golfers Using CBD

Research into CBD is still ongoing but there are signs suggesting that it brings with it a range of benefits that can help golfers in many different ways.

 If you play golf as a hobby, you will be well aware of how stressful and challenging the game can be. Of course, this is the reason why so many people play golf because every round and every course is different. Not many sports enable you to compete against other players but also the course. Furthermore, golf is also physically demanding. Players can walk an average of 6.6 miles around a course and that can be demanding on the entire body. Once you factor carrying clubs or even pushing a golf trolley, it becomes even more demanding. Along with this, the actual golf swing is challenging with some players swinging their club over 80 times during a round.

Aside from the physical element of the game is the mental aspect of the game. There is always a lot to think about. It’s a game that’s not just based on skill but also on decisions and that alone can be emotionally and mentally challenging. So, if amateur players can feel the stress and strain of playing golf, professional golfers, whose careers and earnings are dependent on them playing well, are bound to feel the strain and this is where CBD can help.

What CBD offers is the potential for golfers of all abilities to recover in the right way. It has been known to help ease stress by creating a calming effect when taken in the form of oil or even in a protein shake. Furthermore, it can help golfers to reduce anxiety and that can help them to get more from their game and even think more clearly, especially when they are standing at the first tee and need to hit a great shot.

Along with this, the aches and pains that come with playing golf can often leave golfers struggling with their swing and their game. However, it is believed that CBD could help to alleviate aches and pains in muscles and joints, so whether they ingest it in an oil or use a CBD ointment, it could help.

CBD certainly has some tricks up its sleeve and when it can help with pain management and relief, it’s easy to see why golfers are turning to it. Many top professionals have spoken out about adding CBD to their game and as it is no longer a banned substance, it means that tour pros now use it.

One of the greatest players of all time, Phil Mickelson has been known to use it but one big advocate of CBD is Billy Horschel. He found himself going through a challenging period in his career where he went six months without a top 8 finish. However, this five-time PGA Tour Winner has put his resurgence down to CBD. Last year, Horschel had an injury and he used CBD-infused cream, and that allowed him to continue playing without pain, he said, “ It allows you to recover better and get over aches in a more natural way”.

American Golf and CBD Performance

American Golf has become one of the leading companies that golfers turn to when it comes to sourcing their golf equipment. Whether they are looking for made-to-measure clubs or they want the latest driver or golf balls, American Golf is a trusted brand that is widely recognised. Never willing to sit still, American Golf has also recognised how CBD is now playing a role in the way in which golfers on the PGA Tour play.

More golfers are now recognising the potential benefits and that means that golfers of all abilities can enjoy the same benefits. Therefore, they are now partnering with Performance CBD so they can now offer the latest CBD products that could help golfers to get more from their game and their recovery.